Zeyneb Abrar

Co- founder The Spiritual Dinner Club

"Always have faith in yourself"

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Helga Morais

Co- founder The Spiritual Dinner Club

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

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Jaily Duarte

Co- founder The Spiritual Dinner Club

"Shine your light. The world needs it."

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Zeyneb is the co-founder of The Spiritual Dinner Club. She is someone who is always in service of people. Even when she was a little girl, she always wanted to help everyone. Her motto was world peace. Later on she found out that world peace is not realistic, beause there is no good without the bad. That is really hard on your own. And at first that was sad, but she realised that it is still possible to bring harmony between people. If you want to realise something , you start with yourself. So her version of harmony is helping people, loving people, talking to different people, laughter and bringing people together.

Zeyneb has a beautiful refreshing soul. She is kind, creative, loving and a bit goofy. She works with eldery people in a nursing home and she gives coocking classes to children. This is something she always wanted to do and started in the summer of 2020. One of her favorite things to do are coocking and dancing. Sometimes she also likes to write something poetic.

She is religious and spiritual. She is always busy with selfcare and personal developments. Growth is neccesary in life, otherwise you are stuck. Like many people she had to overcome many obstacles. That helped her to be the person she is today. Her life quote is to “Always have faith in yourself”. She used to not believe in her herself, but she turned the table and worked on it for several years. Now she does what she loves, including The Spiritual Dinner Club where she can be herself and live her truth.

Helga is the co-founder of The Spiritual Dinner Club. She is an entrepreneurial, intuitive and ambitious young woman who’s a bit addicted to travelling, tennis, yoga and the beach. During her free time you’ll probably find her reading or hanging out with friends and family. From an early age she has been involved in spirituality, psychology and personal development. For example, she drew spiritual books from the age of thirteen and found nothing better than spending hours digging into books by Deepak Chopra and Don Ruiz.

That was an exciting time, but she missed one thing: a group to share this with. Since Helga’s superpower is connecting, she decided to bring together a handful of friends who didn’t know each other yet. She knew they had the same interests and thought that a dinner would be a great opportunity to meet and share. This grew into a close group of friends with one mission: to pass on the magic of these dinners.

Besides organizing The Spiritual Dinners, she has her own company: The Confidence Journey. She is a coach and trainer who guides young people in their search for their own strength. Helga believes that with a good dose of resilience and confidence, we have the right ingredients to follow your own path. Her intention with The Spiritual Dinner Club, is to create a safe space where people can inspire each other on their paths.

Jaily is the co-founder of The Spiritual Dinner Club. Her mother inspired her when she was 21 years old with the following sentence: “If you really want something, you must be positive and believe that you already have it.”

Jaily thought by herself: “I want to have positive thoughts, but how?” The universe got her message and made sure she would ran into a youtube video referring to the two books that changed her life: The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. That was the beginning of her spiritual journey.

After reading the books, everything went into a fast train. She attracted a lot of beautiful people and got asked by Helga to join a Spiritual Dinner at her place. She left with such a special energy and new friendships. She felt, just like Zeyneb and Helga, that more people should experience this magical feeling. That’s how The Spiritual Dinner Club was born.

Jaily studied law at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and she works at an insurance company. She is currently following a 2-year yoga teacher training program. She loves a good book, lots of tea, a deep convo, writing in her journal, meditation in the morning and to practise yoga. She believes that we all have a beautiful light inside of us that wants to come out so it can shine. When we shine our light, we inspire others to do so as well. That’s how we make the world a beautiful place.