The Spiritual Dinner Club




What we stand for

In a world that is focused on digitization, the individual and whereas conversations are increasingly being replaced by likes, The Spiritual Dinner Club brings a moment of connection to yourself and another.

Technology makes us more (virtual) connected than ever. We can easily start conversations online or check someone’s story to see what he or she is doing. When we started with the Spiritual Dinners in our own living rooms, we found out that we were actually craving for a real connection with people. It gave us a certain energy that can not be explained into words, but can only be experienced. That made it our mission to make people experience the energy that a real connection can give you.

Because of the fast contact and the speed of life, we tend to forget the things that make our life more meaningful. We want to change that by offering you a safe space where you can meet likeminded people, who are also exploring their spiritual journey. We believe that everyone has a story that deserves to be heard and can be an inspiration to others.

By creating a safe space where you can share your story, connect to other beautiful souls and inspire each other, we make it possible for you to experience the magic that a Spiritual Dinner can give!

What we do

The Spiritual Dinner Club is an intimate evening. We meditate, eat and have conversations together about spiritual topics in a safe space. We always start the evening with a meditation so the participants can connect to themselves and each other. After the meditation we have dinner together. We always make sure that the food is delicious and that we have enough Vega(n) options. Once we enjoyed the diner, it is tim e to play! During the games we will discuss different spiritual topics. We end the night with a creative act and a lot of beautiful energy.

In addition to the energy that the participants take home, they also get to know new people. We are beyond grateful that many friendships, and even relationships, have developed during our events. With The Spiritual Dinner Club we offer you a moment where you can share your spiritual journey with others and get inspired!


"This was one of the best experiences of my life. If you are interested in spirituality and inspiration, I would definitely recommend you to join the next edition. Even if you live a little bit further away. It brings me so much joy and optimism that so many young people are interested in spirituality. It was an amazing evening! ." - Mark

"Once inside you forget the outside world. The rushed daily routine suddenly stops. Time stops. Your subconscious mind feels the peace and the wonderful harmony that flows in the room. This is how it feels when you enter. It's like a spiritual journey without knowing where you end up. The SDC has made me realize how deeply connected we actually are as human beings and how much we all have in common. An evening where inspiration commands the flight and beautiful words play the role of stewardesses. It's an amazing experience. Are you ready for the flight?" - Antonio